Online Sports Betting - Exploring March Madness Betting Myths.

Every March, college basketball fans get caught up in the excitement of March Madness. People share tips on how to bet, but many still end up losing money. 

march madness betting myths
Exploring March Madness Betting Myths.

To make smarter bets, pay attention to unexpected wins, not just what the odds say. 

Check out the whole team, especially the less-known players who can make a big difference. 

If a weaker team is playing a top team, don't rush to bet on them. Instead, look at any problems the top team might have, like injuries. 

And if you're unsure, consider betting on the team that won last year, especially if they still have their best players. 

Remember, do your homework before picking teams, be careful with your bets, and always gamble responsibly.

Every March the madness begins for those that are watching college basketball. 

No matter how much of a fan you are, you’re going to find yourself enthralled in the greatness that is the sport from round one through the final four and the championship game. 

Every year there are March madness betting tips that go out and every year more and more people lose their money because they are not doing anything right.

If you find yourself wanting to get a bracket going, you are going to have to adhere to some very simple tips or you could find yourself losing out on every single game that you put money on. 

The following tips should help you isolate a winning bracket, even if you don’t win every single game and win billions.

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Look For Upsets That Make Sense

The almighty upset is going to be a staple in the tournament forever, and every year people try to guess what team is going to rise to the occasion and knock out a larger school. 

You will find that you’re going to have to look for this in your selections, but do not rely solely on the odds. 

Look for the depth chart and some dark horses in terms of picks. Always make sure that you are looking at the second tier guys that can score huge in the clutch. 

The starting five of every team are going to be good, but it’s that special “off the bench” shooter that will make or break the upset. 

Look for the team with an amazing bench crew and you’ll have a winner every time.

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Huge Underdogs

When there is a huge underdog playing a top school, do not immediately bet on them. Look to see if they are capable of getting good overall. 

Look at the schedule that they’ve gone through and look to spot weaknesses on either side of the ball. 

Often times the biggest underdo will not topple a first place team, so do not worry there, but worry if the higher ranked team has injuries, or someone has some personal problems that are problematic overall. 

When In Doubt bet on Defending Champions

A repeat is not going to be easy for any team in any sport, but there is something grand about putting money down on the defending champions, and that’s the fact that they are quite hard to beat. 

This is only solid if the defending champions are all back and no major players have left. 

If you have an all senior team facing a team of freshmen, than you may smell big wins coming your way.

The above tips are just a few march madness betting tips that you are going to want to think about when you’re filling out your bracket. 

The number one tip that you need to remember is simple, do not allow yourself to get lazy and just pick at random. 

Know all the teams that you’re picking, and do some research, or else you could end up with another losing bracket where you win nothing, and your neighbor wins big.

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Betting involves risk, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always gamble responsibly.

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